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sale 是名词,没有过去式.它的同义词sell的过去式是sold

went to the movie

hang out-hang out grow up-grew up get back-got back come back-came back fly kite-flew kite play computer games-played computer games go camping-went camping go shopping-went shopping run fast-ran fast

visit的过去式是visited,其他的单词不需改变,所以这个visit the museum的过去式就是visited the museum

初中 高中英语书后面有张表 全部都是的 原形 过去式 原形 过去式am, is was lend Lentare were let letbecome Became lie laybegin began lose lostblow blew make madebreak broke may mightbring brought mean meantbuild built meet metburn burnt

played basketball.通常是在动词后加ed.还有的要把y变i再加ed.还有直接加d的,或双写的.其他的要背.

写出下列动词的过去式 is\am___was______ plant____planted____ are ___were_____drink_____drank____ play___played____ go__went______ make ____made____

总结别人的合成的答案:现在时-过去式 begin to do-began to do blow away-blew away break down-broke down bring to-brought to buy sth.for sb.-bought sth.for sb. come up-came up catch up-caught up choose from-chose from dig up-dug up do well

was learned/learnt did listened were carried shared visited watched waited helped cleaned望采纳,保准正确的

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