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歌词“i wanna”出自歌曲《Truly Madly Deeply - 深深痴迷》.歌曲:Truly Madly Deeply - 深深痴迷歌手:Savage Garden - 野人花园作词:Savage Garden - 野人花园作曲:Savage Garden - 野人花园具体歌词:I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish I

正确的歌词是“I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really”,出自歌曲《Wannabe》基本信息:外文名称:Wannabe 所属专辑:Spice 演唱者:Spice Girls 作词: Victoria Beckham / Melanie Brown / Emma Bunton / Melanie Chisholm

是口语 一般不用于书信的.I wanna=I want toI'M gonna=I'M going toi gotta=i got to这些都是口语比较常用的.

歌曲名:I Wanna Be With You 歌手:Mandy Moore 专辑:I Wanna Be With You Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With You I try but I can't seem to get myself to think of Anything but you Your breath on my face, your warm gentle kiss I taste the truth I taste

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歌曲:i wanna be loved 歌手:kelly family 专辑:la patata soketimes its hard to realise one`s live ain`t living one rather denies the true loneliness of this ungiving but i know i wasn`t fruitlessly born i don`t let myself recive i guess it`s the punishment

I wanna be the Angel guy ver1.2I wanna be the roronatan ver0.6I wanna CQi wanna be the rukimin ver098i wanna be the distrust1.6I Wanna Be The Boshy 1.4.2I wanna be the Galaxy ver0.41I wanna hope theI wanna make the future!!2the last gameThe Last Game - I Wanna Make The Future!!

wanna=want to是口语中使用的所略形式,所以歌词中频频出现,但不用于书面.因为wanna=want to,所以后面要加动词.wanna是一个比较口语化的词.例如:I wanna buy a new shirt.=I want to buy a new shirt.我想买件新衬衫.

是 I wanna f woop woop woop but I'm broken hearted. 歌名:Solo 《Solo》作曲 : Fred Gibson/Grace Chatto/Jack Patterson/Camille Purcell/Demi Lovato It solo, solo, everybody 孤独寂寞 每个人都会感受 It solo, everybody 孤独寂寞 每个人 It

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