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Second language A mother mouse was out for a stroll with her babies when she spotted a cat crouched behind a bush. She watched the cat, and the cat watched the mice. Mother mouse barked fiercely, "Woof, woof, woof!" The cat was so terrified

味道好极了It tastes great.我的家乡在上海,我最爱吃上海的特产南翔小笼.那滋味,准保你吃了还想吃.My hometown is in Shanghai. I like to eat Nanxiang Cage, a specialty of Shanghai.It tastes like that. You must want to eat it.有一次,爸

Narrator: in the rebellion period, one night, there was a scholar, at a farmhouse in Shihao village stopped. He have a look it's late, for the night. Du Fu: (softly behind door) Dong (voice) man:(frightened faces) Oh, not bad officials to arrest a

【学好美语必须掌握的地道习语】 I'll say我也有同感 范例: Tom:She's such a doll. 她真的很可爱. John:I'll say. 我也有同感. 句型解说: 在用英语聊天时,有时会觉得不知该如何接下去,记住这些简单的聚斯,聊起来时不仅顺口,还很贴

i had a happy weekend lastweek.on saturday morning, i watched tv and helped my motherwash clothes. in the afternoon, i cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine, my parents' and my brother's.on sunday, i played football in the park. then i

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