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你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下:girl and animal free女孩和动物自由希望我的回答对你有帮助,满意请采纳


Hillo everybody,I'm My English name is Kitty.I'm eleven.I'm a sixth grade student from Feng Shu Shan primary school. I'm a active and also talktive girl who loves smiling and

1.上他们的英语课 2.迟到 3.开始我们的新课程 4.读我们的新单词 5.让做这个 6.比我们全部读得更好


Hi, everybody, my name is XXX. I am a girl who likes singing, and also, I like play table tenis. My favorite color is green, I think green is quite clear for us. I like eating icecream.

I am a pupil. My name is xxx. I weight 32 kg. I am 150cms tall. I have learned lots of knowlege from Jin Taiyang. I have known naughty boys, active,lovely girls with whom I play. We help each other and make improvement together. And I have known


1. Hello,everyone.I'm a different girl.I'm good at zheng and electronic organ ,and i also like writing something.My hobby is reading books and making friends.I'm a n.aive, innocent and lively, sometimes quiet girl.I'm really a good-for-nothing.I like

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