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1、They are playing basketball now.现在他们正在打篮球. 2、Listen! She is singing an English song.听,她正在唱英语歌. 3、Look at the picture. The children are flying kites in the park.看这幅图.那些孩子正在公园放风筝.

1:I usually do my homework in the evenings.[我经常在晚上做作业] 2:she often sings in the room[她常常在房间里唱歌] 3:I hear that you always dance with your brother.[我听说你经常和你的哥哥跳舞] 4:Do you often go to the KTV?[你经常去KTV吗?]


01.Shanghai lies in the east of China.02.Columbus proved that the earth is round.03.I leave home for school at 7 every morning.04.The earth moves around the sun.05.Pride goes before a fall.06.I don't want so much. 07.Ann Wang writes good

1. we have six classes every day. 2. i often get up at 6:30. 3. jack likes chinese food very much. 4. we can see some pictures on the wall.5. i don't want so much.6. ann wang writes good english but does not speak well.7. now i put the sugar in the cup

1.We'll bein our office tonight. 2.She won't be angry with you. 3.He'll come next week. 4.The book won't cost too mush. 5.There will be a show here tomorrow. 6.There won't be any rice here today. 7.Will you be at home this evening? 8.Will they come

一般现在时的用法: 1) 经常性或习惯性的动作,常与表示频度的时间状语连用. 时间状语: always, usually,regularly,every morning/night/evening/day/week,often,sometimes,occasionally,from time to time,twice a week,rarely,seldom,once a

还有的句子见http://baike.baidu.com/view/238614.htm 一般现在时(一般情况下)(分清是否第三人称单数) 肯定句: 1.I play football everyday. 2.He plays football everyday. 3.They play football everyday. 否定句: 1.I don't play football everyday.

1. You speak English.2. Do you speak English?3. You do not speak English.4. I play tennis.5. She does not play tennis.6. Does he play tennis?7. The train leaves every morning at

I like reading books. I want to go to BeiJing. I need to go to school now. I have to take a bus to my school. Jack likes swimming. My mother has a car. I am very glad to meet you. My english teacher is very patient. My skirt is red. He is a worker. 你应该是刚接触英语,讲一句:有些东西努力后会发现并没有想的那么难.

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