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求翻译 不要用有道……英语大神进 :现在,当这门课结...

Now, the course came in to the end, I felt my inner growth and huge achievement, and found lots of my shortcomings as well. I should move forward on the road of English Writing and keeping learning.手翻,保证质量哦,请采纳:)

I choose this course because I am very interested in English and that I am not good at writing in English. I also hope to improve my English writing ability.

After entering high school, we learn the task increase. Heavy load, we should also learn to moderate to relax. Below I will present some relaxing method. First, we can go to watch TV for a while after the homework, go look at something in our country

【这个中文真是让人哭笑不得啊.Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V 会害死人的.还是好好学学汉语吧.】为了解学生的阅读情况,培养学生的阅读兴趣,我们就课外阅读情况对中学生进行了走访并就几个主要因素进行了问卷调查,然后对最终调查结果进行了分析

老乔治在超市选定的食品比美国宇航局为太空梭选择候选人更仔细,离开收银员(或说 ,购物后)他很高兴的认为他今天 节省了80 美分.在出口处,寒风提醒他要戴他的手套.(寒风使他感觉应该带上手套,注:我觉得是一个意思,不翻译那么死)他在他的外套和裤子寻找它们,但找遍全身都找不到.在他得知他的手套是掉了之前他又焦急地把所有口袋彻底搜了一遍,他拿着的购物袋也不例外.

You will never know how I came over all difficults. Sorry to let you know such a trashy I.

From the perspective of the development process of visual communication design, visual communication design in 1960, the term popular in the world design congress held in Tokyo, Japan, its contents include: newspapers and magazines, posters

it's you personal resume, 5 points sounds too cheap.Warmly and open-minded, friedly and honest. Have been working in the hotel for sevral years -- this grants me great improvement on dealing with different guests. Hard-working, dependable, with

"They say, there is no way ahead, I say, is it? The road in the foot, in the heart, may, on the roa

善良是一根金链子,通过它,社会可以凝聚在一起.但是,当我不得不帮助那些迷路以后停车在我家房子前的人时,我并没有考虑到这根金链子.我越来越厌烦帮助这么多人.几乎每天晚上我都会从熟睡中醒来,不得不去帮助一些人. 很多时候

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