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向孩子表达爱,有哪些英语句子可说?You make me so happy. 你让我很开心。I need some hugs. 让我抱抱。You’re my precious one. 你是我宝贵的孩子。for the

用一句高大上的英语形容对孩子的爱Look at you, all the hard work is nothing, because you bring me happiness is without limit.

爱宝宝的唯美句子英文a child from the heaven a lovely angle

谁能帮我找一些写给孩子的英文句子???越多越好写给孩子的英文句子 1.I think it’s hard winning a war with words.我认为纸上谈兵没什么作用。2.Whatever comes, I’ll

我要一些表达母亲对女儿的爱的英文短句,请配上中文nBe it ever so humble ,there is no place like home.(John Howard Payne,Averican dr

写给未出生宝宝的唯美的 英文诗句1, a brilliant season bright you meet. The world changed because of you.2, children can

祝愿自己宝宝茁壮成长的英文句子Wish my baby thive. May my baby grow up with health.。

给孩子讲英语长句子-祝福儿童的英语的句子做照片用,祝福成长best wishes for you!wish you a happy day every day!Good health, good luck and much

祝福儿童的英语的句子有哪些?直到晶莹湛蓝的水边,飞来了我对你的祝愿 15,clildrenI love you more than I can say.孩子我真不知该如何表达我对你的爱

我要一些表达母亲对女儿的爱的英文短句,请配上中文,谢谢nBe it ever so humble , there is no place like home. (John Howard Payne, Averican drmatist and actor)金窝,银窝,

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